Manufacturers We Represent

Siemens and HVAC Repco

Siemens HVAC Products

Valves, Actuators, Damper Motors, VFDs, Economizer Controller, Sensors, Thermostats, Power Meters, POWERS Pneumatic Controls, Energy Management System, Lighting Controllers

Airmate Registers Grilles Diffusers
Hart & Cooley
Koch Filter
RPS Curb Adaptors
Milcor Access Doors
Portals Plus pipe portal systems and roof flashing
WARD flanges, rails, hangers, and strapping

Industry leader of grilles, registers, diffusers, flex ducts, chimney & vent, filters, pipe portal systems and flashing, access doors, curb adaptors, flanges, rails, hangers, and strapping.

Koldwave by MESTEK Inc


An industry leader in air-cooled & water-cooled HVAC spot cooling for temporary & portable markets.

Dial Mini Split Air Conditioners

Dial Manufacturing

State-of-the-art Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioners & Mini Condensate Pumps.

Cozy Heating Systems

Cozy Heating Systems

High-Quality Direct Gas Heating Equipment. Made in the U.S.A.

Conspec Controls

CO and NO2 monitoring and ventilation equipment for indoor spaces.

Made in the USA.

Cable Ties Unlimited

Cable Ties Unlimited

Nylon cable ties and related accessories, stainless steel cable ties, specialty use ties, electrical terminals, wire connectors, nylon cable clamps, heat shrink tubing, electrical tape, tension/crimping tools, heat shrink guns and other wire management products.

The Original Super Glue

The Original Super Glue

TOTAL TECH Clear & White All-in One Adhesive + Sealant; SUPER UNIX the new Original Super Glue Formula; SUPER STRONG Mounting Tapes, Epoxies and Thread Lockers.

SoftDucts - HVAC Repco

SoftDucts Fabric Ducts

Fabric Ducts and Diffusers

Auto Grip Tools HVAC RepCo

Auto-Grip Hand Tools

Innovative Hand Tools with Patented Technology and Lifetime Warranty.


No Freeze Control by KBE, Inc.

The patented NO FREEZE CONTROL board is the only control on the market that stops the evaporator coil from freezing permanently!