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Koldwave Temporary Spot Cooler Air Conditioners

Portable Air Conditioning Solutions

Koldwave portable air conditioners provide emergency or temporary cooling anywhere you need it.

Koldwave units offer quiet, efficient operation with output between 6,300 to 92,000 BTUs. With power like that, Koldwave portable AC units can be useful in a variety of scenarios.

Common Uses:

  • Construction Site Air Conditioning
  • Office Building Renovation Air Conditioning
  • Tent Air Conditioning
  • Outdoor Air Conditioning
  • Event Tent (Weddings, Parties, etc.) Air Conditioning
  • Spot Cooler and Portable AC Rental Services
  • Server Room Air Conditioning
  • Manufacturing Facilities Air Conditioning
  • Warehouse Air Conditioning
  • Aircraft Hanger Air Conditioning

Offering two complete lines of water-cooled and air-cooled portable air conditioning equipment, Koldwave has the right size and type of unit for any commercial application.

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Koldwave Spot Coolers

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Koldwave Catalog

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