Product Spotlight: The 6HK13 Portable Heat Pump from Koldwave.

The 6HK13 is the smallest self-contained, air-cooled, portable heat pump offered by Koldwave and is featured in ACHR NEWS’ Commercial Heating Showcase 2021.Product Spotlight: The 6Hk13 Portable Heat Pump From Koldwave. | Hvac Repco

The Koldwave 6HK13 Portable Heat Pump features spot cooling/heating for large areas where cooling/heating of the entire area is not practical. A dedicated spot cooling/heating thermostat controls the unit in this application.

This unit can also be used in smaller areas for room cooling/heating. A control panel provides ease of use and contains a self-diagnostic function and display, showing operating modes, room and set temperatures, and faults.


• Operates on 115-1-60 volt and less than 10 amps.
• Provides year-round comfort with both heating and cooling modes of operation.
• Multi-directional nozzles
• Cleanable evaporator and condenser filters
• Lockable casters
• self-contained internal thermostat with self-diagnostics
• 3-year compressor warranty and 2-year parts warranty

Koldwave Portable Heat Pump

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