Hart & Cooley Represented by HVAC RepCo

HVAC RepCo Now Representing Hart & Cooley In Florida & South Georgia

HVAC RepCo has signed an agreement to represent Hart & Cooley in Florida and South Georgia.

This includes Hart & Cooley’s B-vent, pipe, grilles, registers and diffusers; as well as the Koch filters, Portals Plus, RPS, Milcor and Ward product lines. HVAC RepCo is also now responsible for the Ameirvent vent & pipe and Lima GRD product lines in the State of Florida.

Florida distributors can contact HVAC RepCo’s Cyrus Gardner cyrus@hvacrepco.com; and South Georgia distributors can contact HVAC RepCo’s Bob Tuner at robert@hvacrepco.com.

For more information, visit:




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