Protect from Electric Shock with the Crescent APEX eSHOK-GUARD™

Protect yourself from electric shock with Crescent APEX’s new patented isolated technology, eSHOK-GUARD, providing insulation of up to 1,000 volts. Combining safety and convenience for a revolutionary experience when working around potential live wire applications, eSHOK-GUARD’s impact-rated design withstands heavy-use, impact tool applications, so you never have to sacrifice protection when using power tools. With over 85% of professionals experiencing shocks on construction job sites, eSHOK-GUARD is protecting you – for life.

eSHOK-GUARD products are ideal when working with circuit breakers, doing appliance installation and repair, HVAC system work, electrical junction boxes, outlets, electrical switches, ceiling fan light installations, and other live wire applications. Pros in the electrical, HVAC, MRO and service trades will work confidently knowing they’re protected.

To keep pros safe and productive, Crescent APEX developed the new eSHOK-GUARD Isolated Bit Holder and Socket Isolators. eSHOK-GUARD power tool accessories combine safety and convenience for a revolutionary experience and are UL classified for isolation of up to 1,000 volts DC, 1500 volts AC.

“Most tools in this category are insulated, not isolated, and the difference is massive,” said Mary Hughey, product manager for Crescent APEX. “Our eSHOK-GUARD power tool accessories are the only power tool accessories on the market that isolate an electrical current, preventing it from ever reaching the person using it.”

The Isolated Bit Holder features a magnetic tip to keep fasteners securely in place. The retaining ring lets users easily secure and replace bits seamlessly, and the 1⁄4-inch hex shank is compatible with impact drivers and drills. The 1⁄4”, 3/8”, and 1⁄2” Socket Isolators feature a compact, impact-rated design for heavy use in impact applications, and the ball detent makes securing and replacing sockets easy.

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