DIAL Mini Split Air Conditioner

What Is A Mini Split? The Fastest Growing Segment in HVAC

Mini Splits, also known as ductless HVAC, are cooling and heating systems that give the ability to control the temperature of specific areas or individual rooms of a home or office by separating each area into zones. Mini-Split systems can solve indoor climate control problems for buildings that lack ductwork, especially older houses, apartments and offices. The improved efficiencies offered by Mini-Split Systems are predicted to experience double-digit growth in market share every year over the next 5-years. DIAL ductless Mini-Split systems are the cutting edge of advanced modern air-conditioning design, delivering high-efficiency air comfort anywhere it’s needed.

DIAL Mini Split Systems offer Greater Efficiency and Quiet Operation

“Homeowners have no idea how quiet DIAL Mini-Splits are until they hear them running. Ductless units are also much more efficient than tradition unitary equipment. DIAL Mini Splits offer up to 23.3 SEER efficiency,” said Larry Sandlin, Regional Manager at HVAC RepCo.

SEER stands for “Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating.” A SEER rating is the ratio of the cooling output of an air-conditioner over a typical cooling season, divided by the energy it consumed in watt-hours. According to Sandlin, “The SEER rating tells you how energy efficient your air-conditioner is, just like the MPG rating on your car tells you how efficient your car’s gas mileage is on the highway.” 

DIAL offers several models of Mini Split air conditioning systems.

Learn more at the Dial Manufacturing website or contact HVAC RepCo to become a distributor.

Contact HVAC RepCo to receive a quote or to become a distributor.

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