Introducing the Cozy PilotPro™ battery-operated pilot ignition system

Cozy is excited to introduce the industry’s only battery-operated pilot ignition system! With PilotPro™, the pilot light is lit only when needed, increasing the furnace’s energy efficiency by as much as 2%! This also leads to an average cost savings of $75* per year on gas bills. In the event of a pilot outage, PilotPro™ relights the pilot on demand, eliminating the need for manual relighting or emergency contractor calls. 

Requiring only 2 D batteries to operate, the batteries can be easily replaced by removing the cover, no tools required. The Gravity Wall Furance with PilotPro™ comes with all of the quality and reliable features of Cozy’s Gravity Wall Furnace, now with all the innovation and benefits of PilotPro™!

Contact HVAC RepCo for more information about PilotPro from Cozy.

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