AirWash HEPA Air Filtration Solutions for Red Tide

Red Tide Affecting Your Business? Get an AirWash Air Purification System

There’s no doubt that this year’s continuing advance of the red tide algae bloom has impacted businesses across Florida’s coastline. People are having difficulty breathing. This is costing restaurants, hotels, building managers, tourist areas, millions in lost revenue.

If your business relies on tourism dollars and other high traffic customer walk-ins, you’ll need a quick solution.  (Click this link to see a local CBS news story where a Florida restaurant installed our AirWash Whisper 350 unit private-labeled by our OEM partner RGF in Florida).

HVAC RepCo represents the high performance line of AirWash® HEPA Air purification systems and air scrubbers. If you need to quickly regain control of your establishment’s air quality and remove the effects of red tide, an AirWash Air Purification System provides an ideal solution. AirWash units are lightweight, portable and versatile. Applications span across industrial, commercial and institutional. Whether you have a residential, commercial, single or multiple locations, get in touch with us today for a quote.

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